Gas lift 500bar High Pressure Nitrogen Compressor Delivered

admin 2020-05-15 00:05
  At the beginning of 2015,Our company signed contract with Xinjiang Tahe Oil Field for two nitrogen gas compressor.This nitrogen gas lift compressor is for gas lift production in oil field.We manufacture the nitrogen compressor according to API618 and API11P in order to meet the high requirements of standard,configure,energy saving,etc. After test and trial run,the nitrogen compressor was delivered to Xinjing Oil Field on May 7th,2015.
  Gas lift oil production is one of manual operation method,filling the natural gas or nitrogen gas to the deep underground.Because of the different pressure,the raw oil is lifted from the bottom well to the ground.The process of gas lift production:boost the gas(natural gas or nitrogen gas) pressure to very high level(500bar),fill the high pressure gas into the deep undergound,the raw oil flow out of the gound from the boot oil well.  
  As the leaderds of China compressor manufacturers,our company is the few suppliers that can offer this nitrogen compressor for gas lift oil production field.
Main Specifications of Nitrogen Compressor
Structure:M type,horizontal
Compress stage:6 stages
Inlet pressure:5-7bar
Outlet pressure:500bar
Cooling type:air cooling
Lubrication:oil less
Installation:skid-mounted,outdoor with cover

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