Gas lift compressors are uesed in oil&gas field for gas injection to enchance oil production.Gas injection compressors are reciprocating gas compressors with stage range from 1(one) to 5(five).They are driven by electric motor,natural gas engine or diesel engine.These kinds of compressors are usuallly located at wellhead or in a trunk line being fed by several reservoirs.Reciprocating compressor packages are built on rigid structural skids.Compressors can be located and relocated as customer's need.

  We offer application specific components, engineered to ensure the performance, safety,and reliability of your natural gas gathering operation. This includes safety options and corrosion resistant materials for those gathering applications where the gas contains acidic or toxic components, such as hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

  These options include but not limited to:
  Stainless Steel materials for piston rods and valves,
  Two compartment distance pieces,
  Purged packing case,
  Special heat treatment for pressure vessels and welded connections...

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