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Natural Gas Boosting Compressor Unit


  • Additional Description

  Natural Gas Boosting Compressor Unit is usually for single gas well or multiple gas wells. The compressor in this application is used to collect the gas from one well or several wells to boost and transport to downstream gas treatment plant. Since in most of the cases the compressors are located at or near wellhead and there might be no availability of civil utility such as power supply, instrument air or drain pit and furthermore heavy condensate is also contained in the gas, thus a specific solution is made for this application to satisfy the site and gas condition. Furthermore, while time goes on year by year, the gas pressure shall deplete, therefore a specific configuration is designed especially for this case.

Typical Specifications

 Compressor Code


 Compressor Type

 D Type Horizontal Symmetric Balanced Structure

 Compressing Stage


 Inlet Pressure

 0.3~0.5MPa (Design Point 0.4MPa)

 Discharge Capacity

 680~1080 Nm3/h (Design Point 880Nm3/h)

 Shaft Power

 79~105KW (Design Point 92KW)

 Main Motor Power


 Cooling Method

 Gas: Air Cooling or Water Cooling; Cylinder: Natural Cooling